about us

Papers N Parcels

When the new age digital revolution hits a century old network, what do you get? Innovation and disruption in the logistics space. What’s more, this exciting change is being led by a 13-year – old founder! Backed by a family-run logistics enterprise, Papers and Parcels is here to revolutionize the Courier Services in Mumbai.

Papers and Parcels is the disruptive force that the logistics industry and the city of Mumbai have been waiting for. Our unique doorstep pick-up and drop off Same Day Parcel Delivery service has been made possible only due to the backing of the most trusted Dabbawala network combined with our latest homegrown technology.

We are a people-centric company which was the brainwave of a budding thirteen-year-old entrepreneur who saw the ingenuity in combining the Dabbawala workforce with the power of internet-enabled apps to revolutionize the courier industry as we know it today.

Our mission? Make your life easier, that’s it. Whether you’re our delivery partner, a Dabbawala or a loyal customer, come join the Papers and Parcels family.

Tilak Mehta

A compulsive football player and an avid fan of Lionel Messi – Tilak Mehta the youngest Convergent Wizard and Founder of Papers and Parcels – An Enterprise Delivery Platform, which is changing the entire landscape of door-to-door logistics, pick-up and delivery services, is not only an aspiring spearhead into the corporate world but at the same time, earthly deep rooted ardent thinker investing lot of his time on simple solutions for complex simple issues that affect mundane life. ...

From an early age and with an inquisitive mind, satisfying curiosity of every surrounding compass has been his most driving factor in connecting the aesthetics of identifying delinquency along with a fundamental mender of the same.

The Pandora had started shaping with his intent to deeply understand Mumbai’s famous Dabbawala delivery mechanism and attached it to solve the same day delivery solution supplemented with robust technology advancement to comprehend an emergent disruptive avenue to awe and admire.

Today, with a prodent outlook and a determination to transform the source Tilak Mehta, has now become the cradle to seek inspiration from and emulation with constant parallel of emotions, detachment of materialistic rational and progressive prospective.